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Strata management Perth, WA 

Finest Property Services is a family owned operated complete strata management service for Perth and surrounding suburbs. Therefore we pride ourself on excellence and integrity in all aspects of day to day Strata management.

With years of experience our team is fully trained and reliable. We manage not only your property, but also the relationships that make your property a community.

In business today it is understood that the key elements to survival are trust, knowledge and efficiency. So it is vital that we as your advocate and nominated representing body defend you on tough building and construction issues. Specially when they are raised by owners, tenants or third parties.

Without such diligence, you as the proprietor or developer can face many striking issues.

If your looking for a team of experienced, honest and reliable strata managers, who consistently and without exemption provide a quality of service that exceeds expectations look no further and … “Make the Change today”.

Chris Floyd

Creator, owner and manager of Finest Property Services. 

« Since I start my business in Strata Management in 1999, I never stopped to learn and improve the service I provide. With over 60 properties I used to manage with my team in and around Perth, I can tell that my experience in strata management is complete. My own satisfaction come when I know the partners I work with are happy about the services we provide. I can insure you will not regret to deal with us »

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+61 419 940 592

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