We provide professional Gardening and Landscaping services

At Finest Property Services we are a full-services strata management company with a 100% commitment to quality & service. We offer a complete gardening and landscaping service including : Mowing lawns, Pruning trees and mushes, Weeding gardens, Hedging, Removing green waste,  Giving gardening advice, Whipper snipping and edging, and more…

Our services are available for any size strata property from individual house to strata properties.

We provide high quality and practical solutions to transform the outdoor areas surrounding a home or business premises. A successful project is one that encompasses all of the key elements that a client considers important in creating their ideal outdoor area. You just tell us what do you expect and we will realize it. Our intention is to always enhance a property to ensure a great deal of enjoyment and appreciation in years to come.

    Landscaping services : We focus on quality

    At Finest Property Services we do things properly and we believe in using the best quality products we can for each job and not cutting corners. Things like improving the soil or adding in high quality new soil mixes can vastly improve the outcome for a Perth lawn or garden. Adding in a thick layer of mulch to stop evaporation and fertilising well is a must. For the best result we use high quality retic parts and ensure the system is head to head for overlapping coverage. The soil, mulch, reticulation, fertilisers and everything else all work together to really make your garden spring to life! It’s better not to skimp on quality and the right materials and do the job properly than to regret it later.

    For more informations, please call us at 04 19 940 592.

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