Property and strata cleaning services
Let Finest Property Services take care of your home’s cleanliness while you do whatever you like with your free time!

Keep your strata property clean and well-maintained. To begin, in terms of strata cleaning services we purpose our cleaning services in all Perth city area and also in the suburbs around. This is a non-exhaustive list of different services we provide :

  •  Vacuuming stair wells and common areas
  • Mopping hard surfaces
  • Removing cobwebs from foyers, car parks and light fittings
  • Mowing lawns
  • Pruning trees and bushes
  • Weeding gardens
  • Picking up litter
  • Cleaning letterbox areas
  • Clothes lines dusted
  • Cleaning glass and windows
  • Clothes lines dusted
  • Cleaning glass and windows
  • Cleaning steps and walk ways
  • Cleaning carparks and communal areas
  • Removing graffiti
  • Replacing blown globes
  • Putting out, cleaning and bringing in bins
…And more – for any size strata property

Cleaning property Perth

Also, we know it can be quite a challenge to maintain the cleanliness of a strata considering the size of the area. However, maintaining a strata shouldn’t be a problem. You can always hire professional strata cleaner as Finest Property Services to help you get the job done. Strata cleaning services is our job and we do it well.

Strata cleaning services

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