Our strata management services in Perth

By specialising solely in strata property management, we provide conflict-free services throughout Perth and surrounding suburbs.

Finest Property Services offer a complete strata management services in Perth. Our highly trained team work with the owners’ corporation and executive committee. Like this we successfully control, manage, maintain, administer properties and create an appropriate communities environment. our services include tasks such as:

– general accounting
– Budgeting
– Invoicing of levies/service charges
– Arrears collections
– Financial reporting
– Contract management
– Meeting preparation
– Communication with property stakeholders
– Coordination of maintenance tasks
– Enforcement of rules/by-laws
– Issuance of notices, orders &certificates
– General secretarial tasks

And more ( professionally tailored to suit any size strata management needs)

Strata Management Perth
Strata Management Perth
We provide services for any size of properties
Small complexes

By recognizing that small schemes comprising 5 lots or less are exempt from many of statutory requirements of larger schemes, we can scale down our scope of duties and fees, without compromising on service.

Medium complexes

Our full agency service is represented by a manager with over 20 years of experience dedicated administrative support as well as the flexibility of onsite mobile services and after hours meetings at no extra cost.

New developments
Having the right foundations is critical to the success of any development – by partnering with the first class Strata Services for your next development, you can insure a successful outcome and the long term delivery of your project.

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